If Islam, the Quran, and Sunnah are so easy and simple, why is it that so much of our lives is at odds with it and their contents?

In Surat al-Nahl, Allah Most High commands us to “ask the people of the message if you do not know” (Q16:43).

It is amazing how many people consider this verse appropriate for matters related to medicine, engineering, and shoe repair, but then reject its application to matters related to Islam and Islamic scholarship. Often they will defend this with claiming that Islam is supposed to be easy and simple.

If Islam, the Quran, and Sunnah are as easy and simple as they claim, why are so much of our lives at odds with it and their contents? And why is it that so many of the folks who claim its ease and simplicity and reject scholarship are also struggling with basic and evident personally-obligatory matters of the religion?

The focus of our struggle should be on removing excuses that prevent us from practice, not searching for excuses to remove us from it altogether.

  • Haroon Ibn Ebrahim Sidat

    Shukran. One of our teaches once stated, “Taqwa then Fatwa”.

  • Murujan

    We Muslims must confront the fact that many of us are participating in this
    mindless pursuit of materialism with little or no resistance.

    We attempt to drown out the glaring contradiction with our oft-repeated
    rhetoric of advocating a pure wholesome way of life, but our actual
    lifestyles easily betray the sad truth.

    Most Muslims clearly know that economic materialism is not the proper
    philosophy to guide human activity as we constantly denounce it and
    quite vocally so. The problem is that despite our knowledge and our
    vocal opposition, we are nonetheless conducting our daily lives using
    the technical solutions developed through the very same philosophy we