Comment: Muslims not encouraged to keep dogs at home

From Malay Mail Online:


…in reference to the viralled incident of a tudung-clad Muslim woman who kept her pet dog in the house and allowing the dog to lick her, after she posted it onto her Facebook page.

…the Prophet’s hadith as narrated by renowned Islamic scholars Bukhari and Muslim mentioned reduced daily blessings for letting dogs in the house, except keeping the animal (outside the house) for hunting purposes and for guarding livestock.

…based on that hadith, keeping dogs for the reasons mentioned was deemed “makruh” (inappropriate but not a sin) although some ulama viewed it as haram (forbidden).


Keeping dogs as pets being unlawful is the official positions of the Shafi‘is and Hanbalis. The Shafi‘i school is the dominant school in the region, so it seems odd to present this opinion as though it’s an alternative to the norm and a minor or unusual position.

Also, the Prophet ﷺ gave another legitimate reason to keep dogs: guarding crops.

Additionally, the hadiths related to the topic indicate that we are discouraged from keeping dogs and discouraged from letting them in the house. The hadith’s don’t indicate a neutral position regarding keeping dogs in the house or as pets. Rather, they mention negative consequences like mass reductions in rewards and being barred from blessings of various types – all of which positively indicate discouragement, not a mere negation of encouragement.

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