My website is working through an identity crisis. What it’s trying to do is separate itself into content for anyone interested in learning more about classical Islamic scholarship; and content for people interested in how I might apply that scholarship to new situations, my projects, and my views on things.

The sliding menu (on the side or at the top of the page) gives you access to those things. Here’s a small description of what those menu items will give you

  • About me
  • About my books
  • Instructional – material from classical Islamic disciplines, usually normative and removed from its application to specific contexts
  • Answers – answers to questions concerning material or its application to a specific context
  • Readings & lessons – lessons and readings (usually audio) from books (usually my own)
  • Blog articles – updates related to research projects, explorations, musings, personal observations and comments, and other things that might not be of interest to everyone interested in Islamic scholarship
  • Research articles – primarily research pieces, but may also include newspaper articles
  • Buy my books

If you would like to keep up with everything, a full blog-feed is available here.