Sex Education and Muslims

I came across an interesting fatwa in response to a question about Muslim teachers teaching and Muslim students studying sex education.

Sex education is a mandatory component in many programs in the West. While knowing the legal status of sex education may not be of much practical value for Muslims attending government-funded and controlled schools where they have little or no choice in the curriculum; Muslim teachers and Muslim institutes need guidance in the matter so they can make informed decisions.

Perhaps this fatwa provides food for thought:

Yes, it is permissible to teach and to study sex education. While there are points of departure, in most areas Muslims will agree with non-Muslims. Areas where we differ include that we consider sexual matters to fall under religious law, not conventional and ethics; and while we agree with the general idea of using contraception, we differ in the use of some devices and in abortion after four month and ten days have passed. In addition to basic biological education, such a program should base itself on the concepts of modesty and mitigating social harms.

The BBC has an article concerning sex education in Cairo.

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