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Detailed Counsel

The following was extracted from my translation of Abu ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Sulamī’s Detailed Counsel. Each of these counsels is explained in the translation, which—in sha Allah—will be published during 2013.

  • Be mindful of God
  • Prefer obedience and avoid disobedience
  • Do not be distracted away from God
  • Remember, recite, and ponder the Qur’ān
  • Follow the Sunna
  • Imitate the righteous forebears
  • Accompany the best and avoid the wicked
  • Do not visit rulers
  • Be wary of visiting children of this world
  • Have no concern for affairs of this world
  • Demand the best from your nafs
  • Leave what is of no concern to you
  • Be sincere
  • Realize truth in your sincerity
  • Continually seek forgiveness
  • Beware of loving this world
  • Accompany those who abstain from this world
  • Take from this world only what you must
  • Obey and be devoted to your parents
  • Keep family ties
  • Perfect your character
  • Honor your neighbors
  • Assist all who seek aid
  • Accept excuses
  • Do not reveal a Muslim’s shame
  • Counter wickedness with excellence
  • Avoid envy
  • Respect elders; be clement with the young
  • Adhere to modesty
  • Be humble with and kind to the poor
  • Show arrogance towards the wealthy
  • Show compassion towards the pious wealthy
  • Seek advice from those who fear their Lord
  • Rely upon God when you become resolved
  • Seek favor with your brothers
  • Tell the truth
  • Protect your nafs and your hearing
  • Treat people without prejudice
  • Devote oneself to repentance
  • Avoid unwholesome food
  • Be vigilant of God at all times
  • Persist in remembrance of God
  • Minimize laughter
  • Consider death near
  • Give sincere advice
  • Rely on God for your guidance

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