Dear Mufti…

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title: “Dear Mufti…”
date: 2013-02-19 07:04
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The “Dear Mufti…” tweets express some of the messages conveyed within many of the requests I received. Some of the original question were sincere and serious, others were trollish. While most of the questions presented here are caricatures of groups of questions, a few are close to verbatim.

“Dear Mufti, Declare riba halal so Allah declares war against you instead of me.”

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Seeking a coherent Islamic law

In order to be applicable to all contexts, the Shariʿah cannot be arbitrary or incoherent, nor can it be exhaustible or of limited lifetime. Rather, it must be systematic, consistent, and coherent. It must also be comprehensive and durable in order to provide guidance for humanity until the end of their earthly existence. The madhhabs, or schools of Islamic law, exhibit legal theories and bodies of law that, thus far, meet all of these qualities. These schools have demonstrated the ability to grow to address new cases and contexts without losing these qualities. Alternatives have yet to exhibit and sustain these qualities, leaving the madhhahbs as the best tool for approaching the Shariʿah.

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