Announcing publication of Abū Shujāʿah al-Aṣfahānī’s introduction to Shafiʿi fiqh

The Ultimate Conspectus (front cover)
The Ultimate Conspectus (front cover)

It is a great honour to announce the print edition of The Ultimate Conspectus, a translation of Abū Shujāʿah al-Aṣfahānī’s introduction to Shafiʿi law. Abū Shujāʿah’s book is known through many names including Ghāyat al-Ikhtiṣār, Ghāyat al-Taqrīb, and also Matn al-Ghāyat wa al-Taqrīb.

From the preface:

Individual muslims are required to learn the rulings for anything they do in their daily lives. Most Muslims today trace their understanding of law back to schools founded by well-known Imāms, who themselves trace their understanding back to the Prophet ﷺ. This body of Islamic law allows one to carry out what one has been ordered to do while avoiding what one has been ordered to avoid, which results in happiness now and in the Afterlife.

One of the first texts students of the Shāfiʿ ī school of law read is Abū Shujāʿ ah al-Aṣfahānī’s introduction to classical Islamic law. This enduring classic covers the full range of basic topics within the Shāfiʿ ī school of law. The present work includes a complete translation of Abū Shujāʿ ah’s conspectus, along with the full Arabic text and notes to point out where later jurists have differed from the author, Imām al-Nawawī’s preferences, and minor clarifications and explanations.

The book is available for purchase directly from its product page or through and its European sites.

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