Why studying Islam matters

Someone asked why studying Islam matters. Here is a short answer:

God created us to worship Him. He wants us to do so in particular ways which befit Him given His essence, attributes, and actions, and which are pleasing to Him. He revealed the manners of worship which befit and please Him through His many prophets and messengers (peace be upon them one and all). We Muslims hold that the Quran is the final revelation and that Muhammad bin ’Abdullah is the final Messenger, and that Islam is the final revelation which abrogates everything before it and will never be abrogated. Islam includes beliefs, ritual, and social interactions. Adhering to these various facets are what is meant by worshiping God. Worshiping God as He wishes to be worshiped requires knowledge, and knowledge requires study. This is why studying Islam matters to those of us who wish to worship God with confidence that we are doing so as He Himself wishes to be worship.

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