#iḥsānology collected – week 2

This is the second collection of short summaries of content from Shajarat al-Maʿārif which I post to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. See week 1 for more details. I have started including numbers at the end of entries to facilitate referencing the Arabic text.

This collection covers from 22 March 2014 through to 31 March 2014. Most of the entries here concern injunctions related to excellence in inward matters, such as intentions, attitudes, and perspectives.

Accusing the self [nafs] of misdeeds leads to extricating it from its whim and caprice.

No goodness occurs save through His bounty. No evil is averted save through His mercy.

Allah sent His revelation to be followed—not to be read without understanding or being acted upon. #Quran [#153]

Fear of His punishment leads to averting it through tawqā. [#157]

Fearing resurrection leads to preparing for it. [#160]

Fearing one’s actions being audited leads to self-auditing before being audited and measuring one’s acts before they are weighed. [#161]

If disbelievers knew all His mercies, none would despair being barred entry to His Paradise. If Muslims knew all His punishments, none would feel secure from His Flame. [#165]

Patience in acts of obedience leads to their perpetuity and mastery. [#176]

Mercy and kindness to family, children, and others are part of #iḥsānology.

Mercy towards those who need it leads to removing evil and bringing goodness. [#200]

No one was more merciful with his family than the Prophet ﷺ was with his. [#199]

Remembering one’s coming encounter with Allah leads to preparing for it. [#203]

Leave alone those who are morally corrupt. Q9:95 [#203]

Humility repels arrogance and cruelty. Both are unbearable and insufferable, and both increase only contempt of Allah and His devotees. [#211]

Pondering the heavens and earth reveals their Creator’s absolute ability which shows His greatness which calls to obeying Him. [#212]

Treating Satan as the enemy he is leads to disobeying him in all he commands. Nothing he commands is good. Q35:6 [#217]

It is not appropriate that a loving devotee has affection for those with enmity towards his Lord. [#218]

The Prophet ﷺ said, “A believer should not be stung twice from the same hole.” [Bukhari and Muslim]. Caution and alertness lead to repelling harm and attracting good. [#219]

Hoping for repentance is part of your assuming the best about Allah. [#221]

Expectantly waiting for Allah’s promises & warnings to be fulfilled is a fruit of your assuming the best about Allah. [#222]

Placing little value on this world leads to abstaining from and turning away from it. [#223]

Seriousness during worship leads to its perfection and constancy. [#225]

Remember that you will be freed from trials and tribulations. Q8:26 [#226]

Desire being obedient to Him. Q42:20 [#227]

Announcing love of one another for the sake of Allah leads to love that is reciprocated and mutual. [#228]

This concludes the section of the book concerning inward injunctions related to excellence. The next section concerns prohibitions related to inward matters. Stay tuned for more #iḥsānology.

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