#iḥsānology – collection 4

This is the fourth collection of short summaries of content from Shajarat al-Maʿārif which I post to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. See week 1 for more details; see also week 2 and weeks 3–4. The numbers at the end of entries refer to the item number in the printed text in order to facilitate its reference.

This collection covers from 12 April 2014 through to 1 May 2014. Most of the entries here concern prohibitions related to excellence in inward matters, such as intentions, attitudes, and perspectives.

Disabuse yourself from the attractiveness of evil deeds lest you be led to their enactment Q35:8 Q29:38 #iḥsānology [#312]

The pain of worldly harms is not to be deadened by contraventions or—God protect us!—disbelief. Q29:10 #iḥsānology [#315]

Quit underestimating the immense weight of a single small deed. Q91:7 #iḥsānology [#322]

Forgetting what is good leads to its omission or neglect. Q9:67 Q20:115 #iḥsānology [#323]

In times of plenty do not neglect thankfulness, humility, & the rights of others Q8:47 Q17:37 #iḥsānology [#324]

Stinginess & niggardliness lead to withholding from rights owed to others, bloodshed, and severing family ties. #iḥsānology [#326]

It is not part of #iḥsānology for the affluent to think their lot with Allah is better than that of the poor. Q18:36 [#331]

Reward is not for wealth & appearances, but rather for rectifying one’s heart & deeds. #iḥsānology [#340]

Disliking the Prophetﷺ’s legal concessions [rukhaṣ] is not part of #iḥsānology, but rather bad etiquette towards him. [#341]

Spoiling the heart with acts of disobedience has no place in #iḥsānology. [#342]

This concludes the section of the book concerning prohibitions related to inward matters. The next section concerns iḥsān in general.

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