#iḥsānology – collection 5

This is the fifth collection of short summaries of content from Shajarat al-Maʿārif which I post to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. See week 1 for more details; see also week 2, weeks 3–4, and collection 4 for earlier collections. The numbers at the end of entries refer to the item number in the printed text in order to facilitate its reference.

This collection covers from 1 May 2014 through mid-July. Most of the entries iḥsān in general, and iḥsān mentioned in books of fiqh.

#iḥsānology: beneficence, goodness, and badness [#345]

Desiring good for all Muslims is a means for it becoming a reality. #iḥsānology [347]

Give zakah immediately as it comes due, from the best, without belittlement or hurt, to local recipients, in proper priority #iḥsānology [349]

Audible recitation of the Quran with full sincerity is iḥṣān to listeners due to its contents, (e.g., tawḥīd, praise, orders & injunctions, resurrection & afterlife, stories & parables) #iḥsānology [351]

The adhān is iḥsān to all who hear it with its announcing the time for prayers & calling them to the best worship of all. #iḥsānology [353]

The iqāmah is iḥsān in its announcing the imminent commencement of the prayers. #iḥsānology [353]

Perform the adhān & iqāmah’s w/#iḥsān: melodic recitation, raised voice, proper pronunciation, elevated, reaching its audience. #iḥsānology [353]

Facilitating worship is full of iḥsān: teaching, leading & following prayer, purification, facing qiblah, clothing, & others #iḥsānology [353]

There is iḥsān in teaching worship: causes, essential elements, conditions, sunnahs, etiquettes, nullifiers, fixing shortcomings #iḥsānology [364]

The iḥsān in leading prayers is in making following possible (e.g. announcing its movements; and lightening it for sick, elderly, children) #iḥsānology [364]

The iḥsān in following in prayers includes: increasing the imām’s rewards by intending to follow; reminding the imām if he slips; answering his dūʿa & salāms #iḥsānology [364]

The iḥsān in enabling purification: fetch the means of purification; show where to make it; perform for the infirm; pour! #iḥsānology [364]

The iḥsān in determining the qiblah: knowing & pointing it out; assisting facing it accurately—not just its direction #iḥsānology [364]

The iḥsān in clothing others: gift or loan needed & recommended covering; waqf it for general covering or for specific to prayer #iḥsānology [364]

Proxies do iḥsān: distributing zakah, expiations & gifts; doing sacrifices; fasting for a deceased; pilgrimage for the unable #iḥsānology [364]

Enable means to worship is iḥsān: guide to the Kaʿbah, mosques & blessed places; guide the blind to gatherings; visit the sick #iḥsānology [364]

Do iḥsān with wealth: enable worship & obligations dependent upon money: scholarship; hajj & expiations for someone now unable #iḥsānology [355]

Do iḥsān to those fasting: provide meals; build, provision & maintain mosques for making iʿtikāf. #iḥsānology [356]

Do iḥsān to pilgrims: reduce & avoid congestion during rites & objectives; don’t push aside someone who got there earlier; give women space. #iḥsānology [357]

The iḥsān of duʿa extends to everyone related to the duʿa: present or absent; animal, vegetable, or mineral. #iḥsānology [358]

Iḥsān towards the sick includes: visiting without being burdensome, asking about his condition without being tiresome. #iḥsānology [359]

Iḥsān towards the sick includes: reading Shariʿah-sanctioned ruqyā, treating with effective medication, gentleness at all times. #iḥsānology [359]

Iḥsān towards the sick includes: duʿa for recovery if expected to survive; or urging repentance & a will if feared will die. #iḥsānology [359]

Iḥsān towards the sick includes: urging to assume the best of his Lord & stating the testimony of faith as death draws near #iḥsānology [359]

More will be coming from the chapter on iḥsān as mentioned in books of fiqh.

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