Why #iḥsānology?

The #iḥsānology updates are short summaries of content from Shajarat al-maʿārif, one of Al-ʿIzz bin ʿAbd al-Salām’s many practical guides to implementing belief, law, and excellence. The book has 868 sections. Some sections are one-liners; others span several pages. I don’t aim to convey everything in the book, but rather some of the more useful bits and pieces. I started the updates in March 2014. I am now on section 371 out of 868; I don’t expect to finish it before the end of 2015. I occasionally post collections of past updates.

The main reason I picked this book is that I wanted to show Islamic law in a way that is unfamiliar to most. I wanted to show Islamic law practiced as an act of love, devotion, and excellence. I wanted to show that there is an alternative to the blind and excessive adherence to legal formulas so many people associate with Islamic law. My hope is that these updates will help reverse some of the negative impressions many have about Islamic law and, in shā Allāh, inspire us all to be better people. Success is only through Him.

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