Comment: Shower of the Future, by Orbital Systems

The Week has a small article on Shower of the Future, by Orbital Systems. The product recycles shower runoff, thus leading to savings in water (up to 90%) and energy (up to 80%). Although aimed at showers, it sounds like something they could market to Muslim consumers. The Muslim consumer market includes 1.8 billion Muslims and is expected to grow 35% by 2030. And the potential market for that product includes households and mosques. For countries with large Muslim populations, that market is also comprised of mosques in malls, universities, gas stations. Water conservation is especially of interest in the Middle East and there are already examples of environmentally friendly, green mosques. Unfortunately, the product would need a few tweaks to ensure that the water is suitable for ritual purification. I mentioned some of those tweaks in a previous entry. Households and mosques making individual orders might find it difficult to convince Orbital Systems to make those tweaks. Perhaps they would be convinced if the request came from institutions responsible for overseeing a large number of mosques (i.e., the Ministry of Endowments) or from regional bathroom suppliers.

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