The #wtfiqh collection ~ #2

The is the second #wtfiqh collection which includes examples of faulty legal reason. The first is available here.


  1. Many #wtfiqh entries also apply to non-Muslim law. I would not entrust myself to a faqīh or lawyer who makes use of them.
  2. Keep in mind that #wtfiqh is about failures in legal reasoning. It should not be confused with #WhatIsTheFiqh.
  3. If you find yourself inclining towards any of these things, please reconsider.

“X can’t be right since it makes me uncomfortable.”

There is scholarship, and then there’s emotional handwaving. #wtfiqh

The correctness or fallibility of a fiqh position is not determined by its conformance to the norms & expectations of non-Muslims. #wtfiqh

“I reject abrogation—”

—of Quran or Sunnah by the like, yet wholeheartedly embrace it when it comes from the 20th century. #wtfiqh

“I feel—”

Fiqh before feels. #wtfiqh

“Islam must change a, b, … z”

And thus the new religion Theseusism sets sail. #wtfiqh

(Yes, this was a not too subtle reference to Theseus’ paradox.)

“X is ḥarām, otherwise the Prophet ﷺ would have done it.”

Heﷺ knew it was done & didn’t object, & heﷺ wasn’t silent over the ḥarām. #wtfiqh

“3rd century AH Imāms didn’t have an authentic view as they were influenced by their history.”

In contrast to 20th century CE you? #wtfiqh

“Evidence x must be dismissed as it is in conflict with concept z!”

You do realize that concept z is derived from evidence x, right? #wtfiqh

“The textual evidence is wrong since it doesn’t match today’s norms.”

And it’s the evidence that must be wrong & not the norms? #wtfiqh

“Y’s erroneous & abusive misapplication of x proves the fallibility of x.”

And you don’t see this as evidence of y’s fallibility? #wtfiqh

“X must be The Truth™ because hadith y supports it.”

What others reject as cherry-picking, you embrace as normative method. #wtfiqh

“I reject X even if it is backed by tawātir & ijmāʿ. What do you think of that?”

Allah & His Messengerﷺ know best. #wtfiqh

“These Arab & Asian sheikhs shouldn’t makes fatwas for the west.”

Yet you’re free to do so for Arabia & Asia? How exceptional. #wtfiqh

“Did you hear: a mufti who said husbands can eat wives?”

I did. Odd those journalists never report how they fall for a faux fatwas. #wtfiqh

“…many of these “authentic” hadiths contradict the spirit of Islam…”

What man would know its spirit better than its Messengerﷺ? #wtffiqh

“Those “authentic” hadiths contradict the spirit of Islam—”

No: “clarify,” as was hisﷺ responsibility Q16:64 #wtfiqh

A: “X is a poor reason against Y. #wtfiqh”

B: “Oh, so you support Y!”

That itself deserves its own #wtfiqh

“On his website & books, Sheikh says X (💔😠). Obscure Activist says he says ~X (💖😏) & that must be his official position!” #wtfiqh

My friend’s hafiz, so I can interpret Quran however I want.”

My mate’s a neurosurgeon… See where I’m going with this? #wtfiqh

Corollary to the previous #wtfiqh:

Why would any male study if he can just marry a few mujtahidahs?

(#badadvice #poly #wtfiqh)

“My degree leaves me free to interpret as I see fit without being tethered by a sanad back to the Prophet ﷺ.” #wtfiqh

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