Announcing the Accessible Conspectus series

In the Name of God, Most Merciful and Compassionate

My children ask me questions related to Islamic legal scholarship (fiqh). Many of their questions are asked on behalf of their friends, or in response to conversations they have. They aren’t the only ones. There is a need for a short introduction to fiqh in English aimed at readers who have never studied fiqh and do not know Arabic. So I set out to write a commentary in hopes of making the text accessible to readers like my children. And I want to help them develop an appreciation and interest in the subject. May Allah give me and them success in this, and in leading the lawful, wholesome, beneficial lives for which He revealed the Shariʿah.

By the grace of Allah and help from generous friends, I finished writing the bulk of the commentary. In sha Allah, I will be sharing pieces here on the blog as I edit the text. The commentary is aimed at people who have not studied Shāfiʿī fiqh, though it should still be of benefit to others reading Shāfiʿī fiqh in English. Although the posts do not require it, they will make sense for people who already have a copy of The Ultimate Conspectus. The posts do not aim to present the entire commentary or cover the entire book. The first posts will focus on personal obligations.

These posts will all have “Accessible Conspectus” in their title. They will be posted under the Accessible Conspectus category to facility reading them as a series.

And success is only from Allah.

UPDATE: The Accessible Conspectus category now has several entries. Check it out.

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