Comment: New design could be key to saving water in mosques

From The National:

A new device designed to aid in the conservation of water in mosques has been developed by a student and professor at the Masdar Institute.

The device can inform people how much water they use while performing their wudu and can easily be attached to taps.

“These efforts reflect the UAE’s commitment to sustainability, while supporting the message of the Prophet Mohammed, who said ‘do not waste water, even if you perform your wudu on the banks of an abundantly-flowing river’,” said Mr Al Musharrekh.

Another UAE project offers even more tips for saving water when making ablution (link).

Devices that report on the quantity of water used when making ablution or automatically reduce the flow of water are great for reducing water usage. But these efforts will have a minimal impact outside the mosque or when making ablution. What is if greater need and use is a concerted effort to change the habits that lead to the general problems of wasting resources, reckless trash disposal, sullying public spaces, and harming the environment and all who rely upon it. At the heart of this change is reminding people of the Prophet ﷺ and kindling a desire to follow his Sunnah. His Sunnah includes using one mudd of water (approximately 0.51 liters) when making ablution and three when making the purificatory bath; being economical in what we use; not abusing public spaces and removing harms therein; and not reciprocating harm with harm. No new designs or devices would be needed on this issue if folks would stick to Him and him صلى الله على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم.


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