Antiprotips Collected #2

The #antiprotip series includes existing patterns or behavior that need to be avoided. If you find yourself inclining towards any of these things, please reconsider.

You can find the first collection is here.

Ignorance is a sin so never admit it, just say anything and add “…but there are differences of opinion on this” #antiprotip

Teach kids how to make decisions by not letting them make any. #BadParenting #antiprotip

Pitchforks, torches, fear & lies are cheaper than facts & education. Witchhunts offer entertainment & sport—an easy sell! #antiprotip

He who monetizes first gets to write its history. pseudo-#antiprotip

Sharpen your hypothetical conspiracy of silence skills. #antiprotip

Use every absence of evidence as irrefutable proof of a successful campaign to silence the opposition. #antiprotip

Absence of evidence is whatever you want it to be. #antiprotip

See them their revelatory secret information & raise them a conspiracy to silence opposition. #antiprotip

Accept no nuanced views of the world. #antiprotip

“Suspect: Someone sentenced to public humiliation and character assassination.” #antiprotip

To truly convince the audience, your return must be as dramatic as your exit. #antiprotip

Don’t settle for moving goalposts when you play a different field, following rules of your own choosing & known only to you. #antiprotip

Arabic Editing 101: When confused or clueless about the content, just add more footnotes & tashkīl. #antiprotip

The world is a global village. Remember: you live in penthouses, the rest live in slums and sewers. #TheAnglocentricMuslimBurden #antiprotip

Agency is your freedom to choose a course of actions and being completely free of responsibility for the obvious consequence. #antiprotip
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Value uṣūl al-fiqh for its citeability, not for its use as a legal philosophy & research methodology for arriving at truth. #antiprotip

“Abrogated by contemporary dominant values & norms” deserves its own #antiprotip chapter

There’s no way that 1.5 millennia of Muslim scholarship would have answers to the daily problems Muslims face. Do it yourself. #antiprotip

“Open the door of disagreement. Push out the legitimate ones until only the illegitimate remain.” #antiprotip

“Anything said of Allah, his Messenger ﷺ & Islam is accurate so long as it agrees w/my world view & feeds my confirmation bias.” #antiprotip

Just impugn the messenger. Messages don’t matter. #antiprotip

Rebut poorly-researched & argued fiqh with poorly-researched & argued fiqh. Keep that choir entertained & excited. #antiprotip

All other things being equal: ijazas in audio/video production, online marketing& pop culture trump ijazas in Sacred Sciences #antiprotip

Claim it’s a little-known fact (though it isn’t) so audience members feel like they’re elite fellow travellers just like you. #antiprotip

Quote from dissidents, renegades & rebels are automatically authentic by virtue of being different. (#antiprotip #punditry #wtfiqh trifecta)

Fitnah-spreading tattletale: Anyone who says what I don’t want to hear against someone I like. #antiprotip

Add an Islamic element to move your creative writing pieces into the realm of non-fiction. #antiprotip

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