The #wtfiqh Collection #3

The is the third #wtfiqh collection which includes examples of faulty legal reason. The first is available here.


  1. Many #wtfiqh entries also apply to non-Muslim law. I would not entrust myself to a faqīh or lawyer who makes use of them.
  2. Keep in mind that #wtfiqh is about failures in legal reasoning. It should not be confused with #WhatIsTheFiqh.
  3. If you find yourself inclining towards any of these things, please reconsider.

“Only God can judge me!”

Yet you’re God’s self-appointed judge, jury, and executioner the moment you experience any annoyance. #wtfiqh

“Premarital sexting is ok so long as parents & wives don’t know.”

And it somehow is haram once they do? Even if they approve?! #wtfiqh

“If you don’t X you can’t talk about it.”

Is this why you avoid the topics of piety & knowledge? #wtfiqh

“Imam al-Shafii’s Umm (3:251) says Gauche the Ghaṣṣāb doing it with stolen goods is a punishable violation, so so is its owner’s.” #wtfiqh

“I reject this ṣaḥīḥ hadith as it clashes with the principles of the Quran!”

And you similarly reject the ayat behind the hadith? #wtfiqh

“X is not a pillar; ignore it.”

Does this wall-less shack version of Islam really warrant a gold palace in the Akhirah? #wtfiqh

Droves of scholars say X & you’re all “That’s just an opinion.”

One non-Sheikh says ~X & you’re all “THIS IS TRUE ISLAM! <3 !!!” #wtfiqh

“No Muslim has authority to tell another they’re doing it wrong!”

And we should take your word over Allah’s? #wtfiqh

“You can’t judge me for doing X!”

I’m not; I’m just repeating Allah’s own declared judgement concerning those who do X. #wtfiqh

“We Muslims today have more important things to do than obligatory X!”

Odd how you identify as Muslims then dismiss Islam. #wtfiqh

“X isn’t a pillar of Islam; ignore it.”

Yet you complain when others don’t go beyond the pillars in how they treat you. #wtfiqh

“X isn’t a pillar of Islam; ignore it.”

Neither are equality, social justice, human rights, or the many things you place over X. #wtfiqh

“It isn’t fair to criticize a press release for failing to give arguments!”

Sure. But it’s fair when it does & it does it badly. #wtfiqh

“X must be rejected because it uses unsound methodology…”

Yes, but an unsound application of sound methods is hardly better. #wtfiqh

“ʿUrf is almost unanimously against X, that’s like an ijmāʿ!”

Yet X remained affirmed in the Quran, which ijmāʿ cannot abrogate. #wtfiqh

“X isn’t a rukn of Islam so it’s ok to reject it or declare it abrogated.”

Neither are avoiding riba or marriage. #wtfiqh

“I didn’t learn about derivatives & options at the mosque’s Sunday school I attended when I was 11. Islam is outdated & incapable.” #wtfiqh

“Classic fiqh book don’t mention this particular PB&J sandwich I just made. It is therefore backwards & incapable of doing so.” #wtfiqh

“We can’t let fiqh get in the way of witnessing against X”!

Here’s something else to get our of your way: Q29:6. #wtfiqh


“We won’t let fiqh stop us from bearing witnessing against Accused X!”

Fiqh’s default presumption of innocence is too progressive? #wtfiqh

“We cannot allow fiqh to get in the way of mercy to X!”

Especially when that fiqh leads to mercy & justice to them and to Y & Z. #wtfiqh

“Islamic scholars & scholarship cannot contribute to solving X.”

And so you seek a solution at the feet of fools & unlearned? #wtfiqh

“The Quran doesn’t say X!”

Not explicitly. But it is in hadith & thus present implicitly via Q59:7. #wtfiqh


“As an American Muslim, I understand that the Shari’ah must change…”

So SCOTUS has the authority to abrogate Quran, Sunnah & ijma? #wtfiqh

“With all the wrongs in the world today, why do talk about fiqh?”

Because the paucity of #fiqh contributes to their very existence. #wtfiqh

“Taqliding madhhabs is haram, but do taqlid my taqliding of someone taqliding another’s opinion against taqliding madhhabs.” meta-#wtfiqh

“Do not blindly follow a madhhab… but do blindly follow my opinion against following madhhabs.” #wtfiqh

“Studying Arabic & principles of jurisprudence is a waste.”

So doing one’s utmost to understand the word of Allah is a waste? #wtfiqh

“I follow Quran only—”

Including “…Whatever the Messenger has given you: take; what he has forbidden you: refrain from…” [Q59:7]?#ﷺ #wtfiqh

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  1. SubhanAllah! I love this stuff – put this in your post-modern pipe and smoke it! These arguments are so incoherent. Probably why logic was such an integral part of the sacred sciences for so long.

    May Allah swt grant you a long life Mufti Saheb!


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