Comment: For Public Purity outs itself as a hoax

Flyers from “For Public Purity” have been found several public spaces in the UK. The leaflets call for the ban of dogs from the public sphere. The flyers include links to an associated website and Facebook page.

4public purity - itv
[Source: ITV]
These flyers come at a time of heightened British xenophobia and many non-Muslims have already expressed their upset with what they perceive as another example British Muslims rejecting British norms and attempting to impose Shari‘ah on the masses. Muslims have also expressed their own surprise, as no one seems to have ever heard of this group and, until now, they don’t  have problems with dogs in the public sphere. Many Muslim have criticized the accuracy of the materials on the group’s website. And it’s worth nothing that the British Muslim community has been pro-active in allowing service dogs in Muslim spaces.

It turns out that the group and flyers are part of a campaign hatched on 4chan.

The leaflets dropped off in Cheetham Hill are indeed fake. Nice one, 4chan - Imgur
There is no Muslim-led campaign to remove dogs from public sphere in the UK. Hopefully this is just another example of 4chan of doing things for the lolz. (Besides, Muslims aren’t really their preferred cup of tea.)

EDIT: Props to /r/islam for breaking this first.

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