Leaving the trodden path… but not really

In Ibn Qudāmah’s Program: From Novice to Mujtahid, I wrote

Although it’s fun to step off the path and explore the wilderness on our own. People on a journey tend to get there faster if they stick to what has already been established, and veer off only when needs must. Plus, extending what is already there is easier than trying to do everything yourself from scratch. Now look back to the image at the top of this post.

and put up a neat picture to go along with the idea. Today I found an even better picture:

[Source: visitrize.com]
The mosque is reported to be in the Turkish province of Rize, recently renovated by the Turkish Government.

Going back to yesterday’s post: If some modern approaches to Islam had had their way, the old mosque would have been razed, and a Totally Brand New Modern One Reflecting the True Teachings of Islam™ built instead. Some people would build atop the old one’s foundations, using its rubble and access roads. Others would claim the spot for themselves, build a new road (diverting unsuspecting travelers from the highway others built), hire architects trained in Brutalist architecture, and insist that these are the values Allah always intended for Muslims but previous generations were too just too blind, backward, and limited to see them.

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