Transmitting messages orally vs through the blockchain

Here’s an obvious yet still interesting difference between transmitting a message orally versus via blockchain: When a message is transmitted orally, each subsequent repeat does nothing to increase our confidence that the original message has not been corrupted while increasing the likelihood of transmission errors. This is in contrast to transmitting that same message via blockchain, since each subsequent block confirms and thus strengthens our confidence in that the original message remains uncorrupted in its original block – and it does this without increasing the likelihood of transmission errors.
Something similar occurs with recursive quotations in drawn out email conversations with multiple parties quoting an email, quoting the email that quotes, and so on. For example:
A said: “Meh!”
B said: “A said: ‘Meh!'”
C said: “B said: ‘A said: “Meh!”‘”
Z said: “…D said: ‘C said: “B said: ‘A said: “Meh!”‘”‘…”
But the effect here will never reach the same level since the quotes lack a mechanism for verifying the authenticity of the quoted material.
(And Allah knows best.)

(n.b. The title should have been “…through a blockchain…” instead of “…through the blockchain…”)

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