Advice for benefiting from “Infamies of the Soul”

A friend who is teaching Infamies of the Soul asked for additional resources and general advice on teaching the book. I don’t have a lot of advice, but here goes:

  • Be prepared to spend more time working with what you read than you spend reading
  • Know that your responsibility is to strive toward perfection – not to actually achieve it
  • Read 1–3 infamies each week
  • When you read an infamy
    • List 3–5 ways it manifests itself in yourself & people around you
    • List 3–5 things you can do to treat it
    • Work 1+ of those treatments into your daily routine (look for ways to treat several infamies through a single act)
  • Skip infamies that, for the time being, do not appear to be applicable or make sense (be honest with yourself)
  • Cycle through the book a few times (again: only 1–3 infamies each week)
  • After your first time, whenever you read an infamy
    • Check the 3–5 manifestations from the previous time. Note your progress. If you can cross off one of them, consider looking for a new one to add
    • Reconsider 1+ treatments you added to your daily routine. If it isn’t working well, try one of the others. If none appears to be working, think of some new ones
  • Read the book with a partner – someone who is familiar with your dirty secrets, and whose observations and advice can be followed even if hurtful

That’s the advice I would give myself the next time I work through the book. According to my friend, the old lesson recordings are useful, too.

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