Plague Influences Legal Rulings

A few interesting plague-related rulings from this morning’s reading.

Qunut for Lifting the Plague

Hanafis and Shafiis (following the official position) consider it recommended to perform the qunut supplication asking Allah to lift the plague.

However, Hanbalis and some Shafiis do not consider it a legal justification for performing the qunut supplication.

Malikis recommend performing prayer for lifting the plague.

Source: Kuwaiti Fiqh Encyclopedia

Fearful circumstances & attending the Friday Prayer

Attending the Friday Prayer is not obligatory if one fears to encounter an enemy, predator, robber, or [tyrannical] ruler; or when there is extreme rain, mud, or snow making it difficult to go out since—due to the lack of safety in those conditions.

Source: Kuwaiti Fiqh Encyclopedia

Suspension from transactions in times of plague

The transactions of someone who is ill or close to death in excess of one-third of their wealth are suspended pending their heirs’ consent after that individual’s death.

Many Shafii scholars mention that the presence of a deadly communicable disease spreading in the land is enough to trigger this suspension—even if a specific individual is not himself afflicted. They also mention that disputes concerning a disease’s severity are settled by medical experts.

Sources: Al-Bayan, Al-Tadrib, Asna al-matalib

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