Connecting to the Quran

The key secret to unlocking the Quran and experiencing its innumerable benefits and wisdoms, and receiving its endless guidance is that one must approach it the right way: with “adab.” In Etiquette with the Quran (Al-Tibyān fī ādāb ḥamalat al-Qurʿān), Imam al-Nawawi explained the right conduct of the bearers of the Quran, and the characteristics of its memorizers and students. He did this by concisely presenting the merits of reciting and following the Quran; the conduct of its teachers, students, and everyone else; the etiquette of reciting and writing the Quran, and respecting its written form. Afterward, Imam al-Nawawi decided to reduce his book even further to make it even more accessible to the busy people of his age. This translation of his abridgment brings this benefit to the busy people of our own age.

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