The Accessible Conspectus (2019)

For centuries, Abū Shujāʿ al-Aṣfahānī’s legal primer Matn al-Ghayat wa-l-Taqrib (The Ultimate Conspectus) has been the standard text for introducing students of the Shāfiʿī school of Islamic law to the full range of basic legal issues. The book is great for studying and memorizing, but to get much out of it, you really need to read it with commentary and, preferably, with an instructor. So, after publishing The Ultimate Conspectus, I wrote up my earlier audio lessons, polished them up with lots of new material, and published them as The Accessible Conspectus.

The audios below are a plain, zero-commentary-added reading of the text to make it easier for people to read and review the book while on the go.

You’ll want to jot down notes as you follow, and I plan to teach the book in the future – so you make sure you obtain your copy of the book.

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