The Ultimate Conspectus Explained (2007)

A few people asked me to record an audio explanation for The Ultimate Conspectus. This is it.

The contents of these recordings eventually went on to become The Accessible Conspectus. There’s a rule of thumb that when two texts differ and we know when they were written, we go with the later one. So whenever there’s a discrepancy between these recordings and the printed editions of The Ultimate Conspectus and The Accessible Conspectus, stick to the most recent one.

Although I plan to do a complete read-through The Accessible Conspectus and to teach it, these recordings should still come in handy if you have a question or want to learn something new and you don’t have or instructor or an accessible text nearby.

The audios are packed in two different ways: lessons of 40–60 minute each, or each section in its own file.



The recordings will make a lot more sense if you have your copy of The Ultimate Conspectus or The Accessible Conspectus nearby.