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Research By Musa Furber

Papers, Essays, and Briefs

“Intensive Animal Farming: Wrongs and Responsibilities,” Tabah Essays no. 5, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2017. (html)

“Beauty and the Sacred Law,” Tabah Essay no. 4, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2017. (html)

“Muslim Usage of the Internet,” Tabah Analytical Brief no. 16, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2017. (html)

“The Public Understanding of Islamic Scholarship in Society,” Tabah Analytical Brief no. 15, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2016. (html)

“Rights and Duties Pertaining to Kept Animals,” Tabah Paper no. 9, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2015. (html)

Obligations to Future Generations of Muslims,Tabah Paper no. 6, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2012.

Elements of a Fatwa & Their Contribution to Confidence in Its Validity,Tabah Analytical Brief no. 14. Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2012. (html)

”Ranking Confidence in the Validity of Contemporary Fatwas & their Dissemination Channels,” Tabah Analytical Brief no. 13, Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2012 (html)

Reducing the Role of Decision-Making Biases in Muslim Responsa,Tabah Analytical Brief no. 12. Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2012. (html)

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration & Mediation in non-Muslim Regions,Tabah Analytical Brief no 11. Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2011. (html)

Ethics & Virtual Worlds: Second Life as a Case Study, Tabah Analytical Brief no 9. Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2009. (html)

Ethical Dimensions of Nanotechnology, Tabah Analytical Brief no 6. Abu Dhabi: Tabah Foundation, 2009. (html)

Review: Natana DeLong-Bass Wahhabi Islam. Muslim World Book Review. Spring, 2005.

Peer-Reviewed Chapters and Journal Articles

Thomas, Justin & Steven Furber. “Culturally and Spiritually Attuned Psychotherapy in the UAE.” In Mental Health and Psychological Practice in the United Arab Emirates, edited by Carrie York Al-Karam, and Amber Haque, 69–81. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2015.

Justin Thomas, Fatima H. Al Marzooqi, Sabrina Tahboub-Schulte & Steven W. Furber, Changing physical appearance preferences in the United Arab Emirates, Mental Health, Religion & Culture 17, no. 6 (2014). doi: 10.1080/13674676.2013.871242

Justin Thomas, Nowf Al-Qarni & Steven W. Furber., Conceptualising mental health in the United Arab Emirates: the perspective of traditional healers, Mental Health, Religion & Culture 18, no. 2 (2015). doi: 10.1080/13674676.2015.1010196

Abdur-Rashid, Khalil, Furber, S. W., Abdul-Basser, Taha. Lifting the veil: a typological survey of the methodological features of Islamic ethical reasoning on biomedical issues, Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 34, no. 2 (2013). doi: 10.1007/s11017-013-9251-7

Padela, A. I., Furber, S. W., Kholwadia, M. A. and Moosa, E. (2013), Dire Necessity and Transformation: Entry-points for Modern Science in Islamic Bioethical Assessment of Porcine Products in Vaccines,Bioethics 28, no. 2 (2013). doi: 10.1111/bioe.12016


“‘Islamic pawningmight be the answer to personal debt,The National, 20 February 2014.

Islams ban on child combatants,Al Arabiya News, 17 January 2014.

“How un-Islamic it is to blame the victim”, Daily News, 16 February 2013. (html)

“Holier than thou: extremism against Islam”, Al Arabiya News, 12 February 2013. (html)

“The Islam Women Were Promised”, The Washington Post, 1 February 2013. (reprint: html)

“On Libyan Graves”, Egypt Independent, 29 August 2012. (html, reprinted in: Al Arabiya News, Seekers Guidance)

“What is a fatwa? Who Can Give One?”, The Washington Post, 22 August 2012. (html, Ahram Online, Seekers Guidance)

Media Citations

Malek, Caline, “Ramadan in the UAE: Will science replace moon-spotting to start the Holy Month?,” 19 May 2013. (html)

Al Hassani, Zaineb, “Abu Dhabi hearse service is free and ‘always will be’, says Haad,” The National, 4 March 2012. (html)

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Conroy, Erin, “Scientists suggest using maths to mark Ramadan,” The National, 8 August 2011. (html)

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Lepeska, David, “Efforts to give every child the right to a family,” The National, 3 June 2010. (html)

Elass, Rasha, “DNA could illuminate Islam’s lineage,” The National, 19 June 2009. (html)

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