How prohibitions due to preservation of life can be a cliché

Earlier today I wrote that

“It is unlawful to do X due to preservation of life (ḥifz al-nafs)” has become a cliché.

Temper it by asking what happens if we don’t do X.

People sometimes comment that I should explain some of the shorter things I write, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do that here.

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Collection of Maqasid

The following list of maqāṣid al-sharī‘ah—overarching objectives and purposes of Islam[ic Legislation]—was extracted from Ibn ‘Āshūr’s Maqāṣid al-sharī‘ah. For more information, please consult the Arabic original or its English translation. This list is by no means exhaustive, though it does include the main ones mentioned in the book.

The maqāṣid include:

  • preservation of the order of the world & regulating human conduct
  • preventing our inflicting harm and destruction upon the world
  • preservation of religion, life, the intellect, property, lineage, & dignity

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