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Husbands must inform wives they are not obligated to cook and clean

(n.b. The answer addresses a specific question with a narrow scope: whether there is agreement on what women must do. The question asks whether an agreement exists. Two Shafii legal texts are referenced to present a contrary opinion. This contrary opinion is sufficient to negate the initial claim that there is agreement. The question does … Read more

How poorly-researched, poorly-argued fiqh opinions are so damaging

The issue of crypto assets has been a real eye-opener for me because it gives me insight on how much poorly-researched and poorly-reasoned fatwas((I have nothing but respect and appreciation for well-researched, well-reasoned legal opinions that totally disagree with me.)) contribute towards negatives views of Islamic scholarship. When a common Muslim individual reads a scholar’s … Read more

Transmitting messages orally vs through the blockchain

Here’s an obvious yet still interesting difference between transmitting a message orally versus via blockchain: When a message is transmitted orally, each subsequent repeat does nothing to increase our confidence that the original message has not been corrupted while increasing the likelihood of transmission errors. This is in contrast to transmitting that same message via … Read more

Comment: “Bitcoin not compatible with Islam…”

From euronews: Buying and selling virtual currencies is not compatible with religion at this time because of the fact that their valuation is open to speculation, they can be easily used in illegal activities like money laundering and they are not under the state’s audit and surveillance The objections given in the article seem to … Read more

Comment: Dogs, faith and reason

From Malay Mail Online: “Surely the worst of living creatures in God’s sight are those that are deaf and dumb and do not reason” — Quran, 8:22 As we can see from the above Quranic verse, the worst of living creatures are neither dogs nor pigs but those who shun themselves away from reasoning. […] … Read more

Comment: Muslims not encouraged to keep dogs at home

From Malay Mail Online: […] …in reference to the viralled incident of a tudung-clad Muslim woman who kept her pet dog in the house and allowing the dog to lick her, after she posted it onto her Facebook page. …the Prophet’s hadith as narrated by renowned Islamic scholars Bukhari and Muslim mentioned reduced daily blessings … Read more

Advice: Modifying interactions as relatives approach maturity

Q. Can you provide any practical advice on how I should modify my interactions with younger relatives of the opposite sex as they grow closer to reaching physical maturity? A. Increase formality as they take on the appearance and behavior of young adults, and as they come closer to the age where they are expected … Read more